Super Bowl Friday


This morning at NPSF was our opportunity to get further into the Super Bowl spirit. San Francisco has been on fire this week. Celebrity sightings and traffic jams and uber surge prices out of control. It’s the best!

The tribe got into real football mode this morning though. Braden wore his old high school jersey, John Flinn brought a football that got tossed around, and people did burpees like they were trying out for the NFL Combine. Man, I wish burpees was a part of the NFL combine. Just imagine those 350 lbs linemen doing them. No videos I could find. Believe me, I searched.

Great work this morning by the tribe though.  I was so jacked up after our bounce. In real football style, we got super hype all together.

Laps and laps of the stadium stairs were completed with sets of burpees at each end. Everyone looked amazing. The energy was insane. So many high fives flying around. Papa Kadala got a taste of how awesome we are. Parents are the coolest.

_DSC8889 _DSC8887
Tomorrow. Joshathlon at Morton Field in the Presidio. Schedule below:
8:50 am: Arrive at Morton Field/parking lot. Give a hug. Or three.
9:00 am: National anthem. Because America.
9:02 am: Start our run. Run will be about 6 miles. Will post the route. All paces welcome and encouraged. Tantek also leading a 2 mile hike alternative too.
10:15 am: Organize for ultimate frisbee.
10:30 am: Ultimate begins
11:45 am: Leave for lunch.
12:00 pm – 1:30 pm: Free choice lunch by the Palace of the Fine Arts.
1:45 pm: Start Hawk Hill ride.
3:00 pm: Begin organizing kickball teams/getting into costumes
3:30 pm: Kickball starts
4:30 pm: Limearitas on the rocks
Sometime after: Go to the Final Final to eat free popcorn and drink real drinks.

Have a great weekend!

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