Sunrise 6K Today! (#Sunrise6K)

Today we ran a 6k. Correction, today we raced a 6k. Actually, if we’re being totally honest, today we DESTROYED a 6k. The sleepy beachfront homes of PB met the sun with a rainbow of neon in it’s wake. The salty dock-hands opened Crystal Pier with a  tsunami of color rising at it’s gate. The bacon stained scent of Kono’s was whipped towards the sea as we sprinted past it’s still dark windows. And if that didn’t show the beach we were here to race, there’s always the massive finishers tunnel that stretched along the pier. A glowing mass welcoming the racers into the homestretch, with sun gleaming on their now sweaty faces. Did we wake people up? Probably. Did we scare the hotel guests into thinking there was an earthquake? Most likely. Did we rise and shine? Fuck yeah we did. Well done racers, well done.

Be Happy. Be Strong. Be BRIGHT. NPSD.
Boring but Super Important Announcements: 
REMEMBER: Wednesday – NEW meeting spot for Convention Center Stairs – keep your eyes peeled for details! And don’t forget – bring only what you can carry while you run!



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