“Now Take A Bucket Of Sand…Put It Down Your Pants…Okay, Workout’s Over” (SF)

“You’re an evil one”- Paddy

The McCloskey workout plan is usually a combination of the following components:

What wouldn’t I want to do right now?

+ What haven’t we done in a couple weeks?

+ What will make people physically and socially uncomfortable?

+ What will make for the most hilarious photos?

When we say we don’t overthink Monday’s workouts, it’s because we honestly don’t even start planning until we are en route to Fort Mason at 6 AM Monday morning. This is pretty evident as Laura usually changes her workouts halfway through because clearly, they just aren’t going as planned.


This morning, we introduced a new version of the “Bojan” with a “Sandy Bojan.” Bojan is Serbian, he HATES the sand. That is a ridiculous, semi-offensive comment that probably isn’t true, but my thought is that the guy would take snow over sand any day. Especially when that sand ends up in your eyes, your teeth, down your pants, and in between your toes.

Hopefully no one went straight to work this morning…

Wednesday: Alta Plaza Park, 5:30 and 6:30 AM!

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