Sunflowers and Stars (DEN)

I’m sorry but I still need a minute to recover from that positivity award hand-off this morning. I just… that was… was that… buuuuh! Words can’t even! Ok composure. Yes composure has come… sort of. Seriously, that was one of the most beautiful displays of gratitude and love that I’ve seen in my life. It is moments like this, moments full of openness and vulnerability that make this group, this community, and this movement so fucking powerful. It’s why I’m drawn to it. Charis and Alex, thank you. Thank you for being two of my reasons to wake up so early every Wednesday and Friday.

Alright! Enough crying! THERE’S NO CRYING IN NP… I mean baseball… there’s a healthy amount of crying at NP. Today we climbed the mountain. That workout that doesn’t relent. It gets harder as you get farther into it. It makes you push yourself hard just to keep up. It makes you push harder than you think you can to make yourself better. That’s exactly what I saw. I saw a group of stars (not just the jumping kind)… a constellation if you will. And you will because I’m writing this, not you. You can call us whatever you want when you write the blog post, but today we are a constellation. I saw people lift themselves and lift each other higher than they made it last time. We were lifted above that mountain, and anyone who’s spend even 5 seconds in the middle of the mountains at night knows that the stars over the mountains are beautiful beyond words. Our constellation over our mountain was breathtaking.

But that leaves one really important question unanswered. Our constellation that burns so bright, what is the shape of it? I’m sure it looks a little different to each of us, but what do you see? No seriously, what do you see when you look at us? Let the tribe know. Leave it in the comments. Tell people in person. Draw a picture. Do an interpretive dance. No matter how you choose to express it, it’s an idea and an emotion that is important to share, and makes our community stronger. It makes our constellation brighter.

FRIDAY: Sunrise 6k @ Cheesman Park 5:15/6:00am

Go, shine bright for everyone to see!

5:30 mountain climbers
6:15 Kings and Queens of the mountain

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