Summit (YEG)

I swear the weather said “Oh Rob you were surfing on a beach last week? Ok you get all the snow as soon as you get home,” so I take full responsibility for the dramatic turn in the weather lol. Every time I see conditions like today I have a fleeting thought in the back of my brain no one is going to show up for this which is immediately disputed by the amazing community who chooses to #JustShowUp! Great work today on those stairs. I know your social media pages have been flooded with Meeting of the Minds (MOM) and Summit stuff and honestly I don’t think my brain is done processing everything to really make an eloquent blog so I am going to do a little recap via bullet form.

  • I’ve been to summits before, I’ve been to a MOM before, but the combination of missing last year and missing the Vegas trip, and COVID restrictions compounded together into me walking away from last week saying “fuck I missed this.”
  • To say the conversations at MOM were good would be a disservice. They were on: diversity/justice/equity/inclusion, privileges, intersectionality, visible and non-visible disabilities, recruitment, the future of NP, growing as community members, COVID, the list goes on but it felt so good. It wasn’t just “we talked about this, check” we heard stories and emotions that challenged everyone in the room. Truly I wish it was all recorded so I can share it all with you. Regardless of their experience on any of these topics I know that no one in that room is exactly the same after that – which is so good!
  • The Summit race itself was by far the most diverse and community representative I’ve ever seen it. Yes it was a race but this felt like a community of just badass humans all in one place.
  • Fuck I missed this.
  • There were so many new faces and names to remember but even after a few days I can tell friendships have been formed.
  • SD was so warm and I didn’t get a sunburn on my face so I take that as a big win!
  • I was asked to lead the kid race “we’ll have a race to catch Super Mario” which obviously I said yes to. I slipped on a banana peel (Tony from San Fransisco was dressed as one) and after so many years of playing mario cart I can believe I feel for such a trick 😛
  • Fuck I missed this feeling.
  • Lazina did such a good job sharing her story of growth standing up on that crate in front of everyone.
  • It’s hard not to come back home hyped which I know Lazina and I are. We’ll be riding this wave of excitement for awhile and both of us can’t wait to see what the future of NPCAN is going to be like.
  • I can’t wait for the time where everyone can experience Summit and without a doubt in my mind I know that you would have fun.
  • Whether you have been here since the start, are thinking of coming out, or are somewhere in between thank you for being along for the ride.

(Credits to: Anna from SD, @Tonywithasony, @johnwilliam_photo,

I am certain more thoughts and words will be come as Lazina and I digest everything but for now…

Keep being awesome,



Walterdale hill (Friday 6am Just Show Up)

BUFFS!!!!!! No shipping issues this time we grabbed them while in SD last week. Bring 5$ and pick up your super cool green buff.

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