Summertiiiiiime and the Stairs are Easy (IND)

News coverage, yearbook photos, grassroots gear tagging, oh and it was Race Day.  Action packed morning to say the least!

We had a kick-ass beach party going on at the War Memorial this morning, only instead of rum drinks, we just did a bunch of intense working out. Sounds fun, right, right??

Ye Ol’ Race Day Workout Recipe:

Take 5 parts up-n-over, 50 parts situps, pushups, and mountain climbers, and 25 parts burpees and combine as follows (I don’t think I’m using “parts” correctly, but the recipe turns out the same regardless): Start with one up-n-over.  Add sit-ups.  Mix in another up-n-over.  Add your pushups.  Crack one up-n-over over a separate bowl and stir in.  Follow this up with the mountain climbers.  Add another up-n-over.  Turn your motivation on high and mix in the burpees.  Finally, spread the last up-n-over across the top, and find out how long that took to make (and record that time on the tracker).

-Mad props to Jaden for the stellar backdrop and camera work for the NP yearbook photos.
-Thanks a ton to Julia, Colleen, Anne, Stew, and Jaden for their help on the tagging and yearbook photo props scene.
-Shout out to Huey, er, Howard Monroe and the News for the news connection to get Joe Melillo and the crew to cover the workouts this morning.  Might get some Anchorman-esq rival news channel throw downs going if I drop the bit about WISH-TV Joe doing the full Race Day workout while Fox59 Jillian Deam, let’s just say, didn’t do that, but I won’t do that. “Brick, where’d you get a hand grenade?”
-Keep up the recruiting frenzy; 6:15 saw huge numbers today, even on the oh-so-grueling Race Day.
(Surfs up 5:28am!!)
Be sure to track your time in the tracker:
Have a fantastic week!
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