The Best Part (YEG)

My goodness.. at Commonwealth, you don’t quite realize how many people show up. But today, it was quite apparent how gigantic the tribe is right now. I don’t think there was even an inch up there. And the best part, was clearly the sun rising over Constable Ezio Faraone and the Legislature building. Or maybe it was that group that did 30 burpees at the end. Or maybe it was all the mosquitos. I can’t decide. So many parts.


I hope everyone got out of the parking lot today with no issues. Let’s try and keep things a bit calmer there. Perhaps a start is no running in the parking lot. In related news, there are other places you can park around there. You could do a quick warmup run from Kinsmen or from Victoria Park or even from Telus Field. You could decide to park at the top of the hill. You could ride your bike… the options are endless. But as you keep coming, and are increasing your level of fitness, this is a great way to give it that extra boost.


In other news, we didn’t wake up any of the neighbours.


Remember, Friday is at the Legislature fountain and water wings are optional.


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