Summer was nice while it lasted (YWG)

Wisconsin Notes: Tim is a bad-ass. You did an entire deck of cards, you beautiful beautiful mess. Sign the Waiver. It’s good.

Wow!  What a wonderful summer we had.  Time on the beach, basking in all the glory that a wonderful Winnipeg summer brings.  I got out to the cabin a whole bunch – not sure about you but I didn’t spend a SINGLE weekend in this wonderful summer of ours in the city.  It was great.  And now, alas, we must kiss goodbye to the sweet sweet summer wonderfulness and say HELLO to the cold dark grip of another Winnipeg winter.  I for one am ready for it and looking forward to MONTHS and MONTHS of cold, dark workouts and not seeing your faces behind your buffs.  WOOHOOOOO!


JK. Don’t do this to me, Winnipeg.  I was so ready to bust out time trial and leg throws frolicking in the grass this week.. But noooooooo, you decide to throw another 5 cm of lovely fluffy stuff in our face and tell us to hunker down for another winter.  Thanks, dick. I thought for sure no one would show up this morning and I almost stayed in bed myself.  You don’t get a good workout in that wet slushy stuff, I said.  Its impossible.


PSYCH.  Just like every time I called out the wrong workout this morning.  Burn.  You showed up in full force despite mother nature being kind of a bitch today, good on ya bros and broette’s.  Really good stuff.


TIM TURNER is a bad-ass. #TeamTim. San Diego has their #BostonBoundBabes, we have our #BostonBoundTim.  I think we got the better end of the deal.  Tim is the man, quietly pushing each and every one of us every week to be better, faster, stronger, and faster, and faster. We are HYPED to have a tribe member representing the Golden Boy in Boston and so pumped to hear the crazy stories of cresting heartbreak Hill at Mile 18 with hundreds of screaming tribe members.  Keep shining Tim and RUN HELLA FAST in Boston cause I think they believe we are slow here in Winnipeg (definitely Ricks fault).

Peace, love, and daily moisturizer,

November Project Winnipeg

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