Summer [Self] Loving (WLA)

With the summer solstice fast approaching, there’s a lot of talk about getting our bodies “summer ready.” Personally, I have never been motivated by someone saying, “gotta get in shape for bikini season,” but I am absolutely motivated by the way our tribe grinds up Bruin Walk and ferociously gets after those stairs. I am motivated by Rocky’s face when he asks what time we’re at during PR Day and he realizes he’s going to PR that month. I am motivated by the fire in Neil’s eyes as he sets his sight on the top stair and refuses to stop running until he hits it. I am motivated by Jessie Sims leveling-up on burpees by adding a tuck jump – I mean, who looks for a way to make burpees harder?!

Most of all, I am motivated by the general mindset our tribe carries. It’s a mindset that values hard work, lifting each other up, and an acknowledgment that at the end of the workout we leave with heads held high, just as proud of each other as we are of ourselves. We all know we only have a short time together every week; we all know there’s no time for negative self talk. And there is definitely no time to worry about bikinis. That’s ridiculous.

Carolyn posted this ode to her legs on Instagram and I had to share it because this loving on our badass selves is exactly what makes our tribe so strong:

Ode to my legs
You were my favorite
What you lacked in height, you made up for in strength

Then with age, our relationship changed
I became embarrassed by you
Your lack of speed
The cellulite you let creep under your skin
The muscle tone you couldn’t hold on to

Then I climbed the mountain top
And I recalled the places you took me
The memories you gave me
The friends you brought my way
The grounding you brought me through life’s changes

It was then I was awakened and let go of the negative self talk
Though your outward appearance may not be what it once was
You keep me moving
Taking me to places where dreams come true

Thanks to Carolyn for letting me steal this, and keep climbing high Westside! Don’t forget that normal people don’t wake up at dawn to run around, scream silly things, and share sweaty hugs. But then again, we have no interest in being normal.

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