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Wisconsin Notes:

  • SARA writes blog. SARA is a good tribe member.  Be like SARA. Or be yourself – that’s good too.  But write a blog (if you want) and be sure to tell us how great we are (like SARA did).
  • SHOE DRIVE next week. Bring your gently used SHOES and your family and friends’s gently used SHOES and help empower Winnipeg to find our movement.
  • ONE MORE WEEK to sign up for the WFPS Half Marathon / 10K  / 5K.  We would love you to show up and crowd the starting line with us – register today!

Dear fellow tribe members,

You all rock. Seriously, who does this?! Who gets out of bed at an ungodly hour, hugs a bunch of strangers and proceeds to sweat it out with them? And how on earth have I been motivated to actually start running AND to get in front of a computer and write? (Two things I swore I wouldn’t do again after they were mandatory in school) I’m telling you, there’s something special in the air at November Project. Huge shoutout to our AWESOME leaders here who make this happen every week. When I think about all the work and dedication that goes into this making this movement what it is, I am totally floored.


For those of you who don’t know me… Hi, I’m Sara. (The crazy Asian gal that isn’t Kaithleen) I have been attending November Project a bit over a year now, and I am finally writing my first guest blog post! With that being said, please excuse my chaotic train of thought and unusually frequent use of parentheses as we dive into today’s blog. (I’m not actually ESL… but if I told you I was, would you believe me?)

This morning we started the workout with a little bit of bouncing and nostalgia. The wheels on the bus reminded us all of our childhood as we brought this West-Coast-inspired bounce here to the heart of North America. By the way, to everyone who ran & Yoga-ed the SeaWheeze last week.. CONGRATS! I loved seeing all the posts from our awesome tribe members who repped NP YWG. So cool to see the NP community so fluidly inspire each other coast to coast. Last week we got a NYC inspired bounce and this week we transferred over to BC. Pretty damn cool.

Today was a tough one! And for anyone who loves high-intensity, short-spurt kinda workouts like I do, it was a glorious one. Planks to stair sprinting. Jump squats/Floofy birds to more stair sprinting. (AKA Gauntlets/AKA Death) Group bridge workouts to bridge sprinting. Thank goodness the boys didn’t throw time-trails into the mix again this week or we would really would’ve been in trouble!


As we ran from the bounce to the Scotiabank stage I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get our bounce’s childhood tune out of my head, but luckily the Back Street Boyz took over as the workout went on. Was anyone else still humming some of their favourite 2000’s throwbacks on their drive back home?

This week we had two very special recipients of two very special awards:


The champ Christina Hunt passed off the newly founded Shabooya award to Laura Tymchyshyn this week. Oh, Laura… Sweet, adorable Laura! Being around your bubbly, yet grounded personality makes it so hard to believe you are actually only 16 years old. Thank you for being such a light in our lives and thank you for repping Canada at the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS for baton twirling in Sweden this month! We hope you had a blast. So proud of you, and so happy to have you back at the workouts! Can’t wait to see your NP Homework this week. We are expecting lots of photos with your helmet on.


This week also named a recipient for our highly treasured (and now highly exclusive) Positivity Award. Thank you Mark Alward for being bad-ass enough to pull this award out from the shadows. We don’t know how you were missed before, but today’s award was definitely deserved. (Just a side note… I have a feeling Mark also indirectly helped get Laura to Worlds through some moral support of her wonderful coach Jenny!)

TWO amazing winners this week. Congrats!

Walking away from this workout, (with my lungs still kinda burning) my heart felt so full. The community we have here is so special and there really isn’t any way to put it into words. Even though not everyone understands what we are doing, there is a buzz that you can feel when the NP family gets together.  From the smiles and encouragement you get when you want to give up, to the once-strangers that are now dear friends… I hope you all receive the absolutely priceless value that November Project provides. Like just about anything in life, NP is what you make of it. So for all your newbies… just keep showing up and smiling. You’ll be amazed at where it takes you.

And for all of you who didn’t show up this week… (you know who you are!) please be thankful you were spared a ‘We missed you blog post’. Or maybe you weren’t spared one. No promises. You should check out https://november-project.com/category/we-missed-you/ just to be sure.

NEXT WEEK! Remember to bring your gear to TAG and your shoes to DONATE. We are back at it again next Wednesday. And get ready to run because it’s PR day. You know the time. You know the place. See you then friends.

Much love,

Sara Shimoji

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