In Bocca el Lupo (NPSF)

OK, let’s admit it. I’m a bit of a trail running nerd. The days of the lacrosse-playing Paddy seem well and gone, so trail-running Paddy was pretty fucking delighted (stoked!!) to celebrate the grand-daddy of ultramarathon race series at this week’s workout. The Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc is a 101 mile race that circumnavigates Mont Blanc, traversing through rocky single tracks of France, Italy and Switzerland, meandering through Alpine towns where the locals are out cheer-ganging with bonfires, cowbells, cheese and wine. And one thing the locals love shouting to the racers: “In Bocca el Lupo”, which translates as “into the mouth of the wolf” or “Good Luck!”. Basically it’s their way of saying regardless of the challenge you face, take it on, stare into the wolf’s mouth and give it your all! Whether that be this weekend’s race you’re doing, or getting that office photocopier working. In Bocca el Lupo!




Photo finish

So we held our own Ultra Trail du Alta Plaza, around our own hilly but less-Alpine Alta Plaza. Cinq. Quatro.  Trois. Deux. Un. GOOOOO!!!!!! Racing was fierce. After an early race directional blunder, Connecticut’s Pete Kruse made an epic late stage surge and finished with a Shaunae Miller/Olympic-esque dive to try get to the toilet roll tape first. We’ll have to take it upstairs to the TV judges to get an official ruling. SF local Emma McCune and New Zealander Mahoney Turnbull battled it out in the women’s race, with the local coming out on top of the podium in front of at least 4 adoring fans! Congrats to all racers!

More important information:

WAIVERS: If you didn’t get a chance to sign our waiver this morning, please sign into the tracker where (1) you can sign the waiver, (2) you can track your PR time next Wednesday and (3) you can see where next Friday’s workout is (ahem, it’s Sutro Baths!).

The Ultra Guide to running your first ultra: So ends up we have 20+ Tribe members signed up for their first marathon-plus level trail race (marathon, 50K and 50 miler) at ECSCA this December. In light of that, NPSF are working with the TNF store on Post St to bring you a series of three talks where we will break down tips and steps towards taking on and enjoying these longer trail distances. The first session will be on Wednesday September 14th (Facebook event and Eventbrite to drop soon). In this first session, we will discuss a basic training schedule, different types of ultramarathon-applicable training sessions and a critical part of ultrarunning, fueling strategies and how to practice them.

RACING: Best of luck to everyone taking to the roads and trails this week. Amy “The Punisher” Leedham at the OCC trail race in Chamonix. Matt Schaar in the USATF 50K champs in Marin this weekend (likely a decent crew of us going to spectate). And all of our crew racing the Santa Rosa Marathon on Sunday morning. In Bocca el Lupo!

And here’s some hype videos for the UTMB races that you should definitely watch! Unreal!

Brogan Graham’s favourite movie, “Curiosity”, profiling a couple of the TNF athletes at the 2014 race. [youtube][/youtube]

Another great documentary following three of the Nike trail runners in the 2015 race. The #stoke is real![youtube][/youtube]

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