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Mt. Everest

Mount Kilamanjaro


Mt. Rainier

Notting Hill

Hills have always been a challenge for us to conquer. I know… Notting Hill is actually a Julia Roberts / Hugh Grant film, but it was still a challenge for me to sit through, so the sentiment remains the same. We see something bigger than ourselves, and being the competitive creatures that we inherently are, we must get on top of it. Maybe we do it for the view, maybe it’s to prove that we’re bad asses, but one way or another, we see a hill and it must be beat into submission.

This morning, like every Friday, you showed up, looked up Baltimore St. and said “You’re mine.”

The crazy part is… You liked it!

You sick bastards.

Bedecked in your Christmas gear: antlers, suspenders, and beard baubles, you bounced, said “Fuck Yeah” against the cold, and pounded your pads alongside Patterson Park with pride. You hit each cone, or Frisbee, or invisible cone, crushed 8 different exercises and didn’t let anything stop you. You should be proud.

This is not a sanctioned activity
This is not a sanctioned activity

Whatever else you do today, you started your day with a victory. When you’re in a boring meeting, remember, you won the hill this morning. Fighting through the holidays crowds while shopping, don’t forget, you slammed the slopes of Baltimore. When you’re stuck in god-awful traffic, remind yourself that you told gravity it couldn’t hold you back when you started the day.

You gave yourself every right to be proud of yourself today. You also earned that fudge. You join the Ranks of Sir Edmund Hillary, Bear Grylls, Kyle Maynard and Chris O’Donnell in Vertical Limit.

Keep this streak going. Win today. Win the weekend. Win the holidays. We’ll see you when you’re ready to do it again.


Sir Jon ( The leaders made me do it!)

This is me sitting on the bench while people run. I mostly just come for the hugs and fudge.
This is me sitting on the bench while people run. I mostly just come for the hugs and fudge.


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