Soldiers in the Rain


From Brighton to East Arlington, Cambridge to Beacon Hill, #novemberproject had members bounding out of bed to drive, walk, Hubway, run, and race their way to our Wednesday regular in Allston – The Harvard Stadium “Tour.” Our turnout was as strong as we’ve ever had and hope that your positivity will build for Friday and again next week.

Oh, and did we mention, IT WAS RAING FOR 100% ALL OF OUR COMMUTES TO AND FROM AS WELL AS EACH SECTION COMPLETED IN THE WORKOUT! Props to everyone that showed up especially the few of you that became new members today. One of the newcomers, Linde, the lead singer of @blackmarmot decided to celebrate her 30th birthday morning by running stairs in the rain – don’t worry, we sang to her before starting. First impressions last a lifetime. Today was awesome.

We rarely even mention the weather because we’re a rain or shine kind of gang. With that said, the rain awarded #novemeberproject an even more badass vibe, a constant cooling mist throughout the work, and an added layer of street cred amongst the members base.

IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to put your time in the comments section. This is how we track the progress.


Join us of our Friday standard workout Summit Hill Ave Sprints. We will start at our usual 6:45 AM time. Please keep your mind open to the different workouts and continue to surprise your body with a new ways to train each day. For Friday, we’re doing 5 full bottom to top “sprints” of Summit Ave. However, just like the stadium, you’re welcome to do more, less, or just come for the high-fives and fresh body odor. We also encourage you to bring along friends who like challenging workouts and aim to stay fit this summer.

JUNE 2012:

Keep in mind, anyone who puts down a personal best time for the full 37 section “tour” on the last Wednesday of each month will be awarded with a “PR Pizza” trophy and featured on our high traffic website. This means that you’ll have to have done at least one full “tour” at Harvard. Plan to go for it this month on Wednesday, June 27th and you’ll be holding a “PR Pizza” overhead with pride.

Own the rest of your day the way you controlled the morning.

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