So Much YAY for the 6k (BOS)

Even though it’s Monday and it’s a brand new week, we have to take a minute to reflect back on last Wednesday–the final Wed. of April–and the epic, global event that was the November Project Sunrise 6k.

Capozzi and I shared the idea about making a worldwide Sunrise 6k something we do as a whole big NP movement with BG, Bojan, and Laura, who keep this whole NP ship afloat, and they were like, “yeah, let’s do it…” And everyone did their part to connect with Strava and Brooks, and to hype the heck out of it, and to rally their NP-city communities to participate. Big thanks from us to BG, Bojan, and Laura for jumping in and really making it what it became. Initially we all thought there would be some excitement and we might get 1000 humans to rise with the sun and try out this “solo” Sunrise 6k thing. But weren’t we all surprised and amazed and positively freaking thrilled that about 18000 people signed up to participate in the event?!? You bet your butt we were. By the end of last Wed, just about 8000 people actually did a 6k and posted it on Strava. And the team of volunteers to read STORIES from all those who submitted them, have been busy at work reading.

Because stories.

This race, this event wasn’t truly about the running, or the speed, or the competitive racing nature that we’re used to with “races.” This was about the story of your 6k. The story of your sunrise, of your personal experience, of your solo journey, of your struggle or your battle to make it happen. It was about the missed alarms, the perfect sunrises, the rainy mornings, the mid-run poop emergencies, the accountability, the friendship, the connection, the wonder and awe, the gratitude, the movement, and the bigness of each person’s 6000m, wherever or however they accomplished them. The prizes aren’t selected by who crossed the line first, they’re given out to the best stories. THE BEST stories. The Best of Sunrise 6k, was an event like none other. And even if we run another global 6k before the end of this pandemic, there will never be another one like this first one. It was simply the best.

AND…this morning our Boston community not only welcomed some friends from NYC, Philly, Ottawa, and Iowa…we had a blast doing our workout. It was called “4-square-hot-potato.”

Let me explain: Groups of 4 people worked out together, doing two different exercises for 6 minutes. Each person could switch back and forth between the two exercises whenever they wanted (no need to count reps!) and could chat each other up in the meantime. The “Hot Potato” was a set of burpees. One person started with the “hot potato” by doing a set of burpees that was any number from 1 – 15 burpees. Whenever they finished their set, they simply called out someone else’s name and “passed” the hot potato on to them.

We did this for 4 rounds, with 2 min of running (for those outside) or any cardio movement (for those inside), in between rounds.

If you’re going to do this on your own–here’s some easy adjustments:

  1. Try to get someone to do it with you–anyone who has or hasn’t worked out yet today. You simply pass the “hot potato” set of burpees back and forth to interrupt the other exercises you’re doing in that round, until time is up.
  2. If you’re truly doing this solo–then pick 2-3 times during each round when you’ll “interrupt” yourself and do a set of burpees, any amount between 1 – 15 you choose.
  3. Here are the exercises for the rounds (6 min each round):
    • Pushups (with alternating toe touch, so it looks like downward dog and one hand touches the opposite foot) & Russian Twists
    • Single Leg Glute Bridges & Tricep Dips
    • Lunges (R/L forward, then R/L back) & Bear Crawl (4 steps forward, then 4 steps back)
    • Squat Jumps & Shake Your Tailfeather (start standing, walk hands out to a plank, do a pushup, adjust to a plank on elbows, tap each hip to the ground by rotating core, adjust back up to high plank, do a pushup, walk hands back to feet and stand up….repeat)
    • Be sure to do 2 min of a run/cardio in between each round!!

Burnout: Do 30 seconds of each of the following: crunches (with feet on the floor), crunches with legs up straight & reach to your toes, crunches with legs open to a V and hands reach between legs, bicycles–then repeat the list backwards.

a new challenge: “anything but running”

#NPBOS_Challenge is back at it for another week, this time the challenge is to travel a mile doing anything but (only) running. That is, skip, dance, hop, somersault, cartwheel, burpee…do a movement for a mile…and pick something that isn’t running. Or if it does involve running, do something else too. Just not only running, for the challenge. For example, I might run a mile but also smile the entire time. Or if someone wants to juggle while running, that’s totally welcome too. You get the idea.

Some details:

  • you can do it outside (safely) or inside (just calculate the distance of a room or around the kitchen island, and get to 5280 feet…)
  • You can do it all at once, or if you want/need to spread it out (because you get too dizzy doing an entire mile of somersaults in a row), you’re welcome to spread it out too.
  • You can do this more than once! The challenge is to do it once, but multiple attempts are welcome too.
  • you can get really creative!
  • you can keep it simple.
  • DOCUMENT your challenge on social media, tag @novemberprojectbos (make sure the tag is live so we see and can re-post it), and use #NPBOS_Challenge and #NP_Continues
  • You have until Sunday 5/10 to complete the challenge
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