Snowglobe 2020 Recap (CHI)

I took off on a solo winter getaway weekend to the exotic city of Syracuse, NY to attend the second annual November Project Snowglobe.  Five northeastern NP cities planned a packed weekend full of winter fun. If you didn’t go, we missed you.  Seriously. The only thing that would have made the weekend better was even more people taking over the city. If you did go, HOW MUCH FUN DID YOU HAVE?  As I wrote this on Sunday night I was somehow both exhausted and energized just thinking back on the 48 hour blizzard of fun.

Friday:  Wake up.  Bundle up.  The Friday morning workout, broadcast live on the local news, had over 200 people working out in single digit temperatures.  We ran, we planked, we got a little snowy, there were burpees, there were icy hills, a new co-leader was announced. There were 5 positivity awards floating around the workout.  (That’s a lot of positivity in one workout.) Afterwards we descended like ravenous animals on a local bakery, Sweet Praxis.  Quite possibly the fluffiest melt-in-your-mouth gooiest quiche I’ve ever enjoyed.  Some of the co-leaders went to a basement to huff spray paint…and tag over 200 items with the official Snowglobe mitten tag, so now if you see someone wearing those mittens, you’ll know they were there.  You probably high fived them going around the water tower, or slipping down the hill. And that’s pretty cool. It’s like a secret handshake. Next up was snow tubing at Four Seasons Golf & Ski Center.  If you haven’t been out for a rip, you’re missing out.  I don’t need to say more. The home team, Syracuse Crunch, lost the hockey game but NP won…so much grassroots gear on that jumbotron.  We closed out the day with a visit to Hops Spot to thaw out after so much winter wonderland.

Saturday:  Imagine you’re given a map of a city you’ve never visited before, but it doesn’t have any street names on it.  You have to navigate to checkpoints on the map based on the layout of the streets alone. Oh and it’s a race. The Snowglobe scavenger hunt was an adventure that ended with 3-6 miles of running, a handful of frozen wristbands, and brunch at Oh My Darling cafe.  World takeover is coming, but breakfast takeover has already happened.  That place was wall-to-wall sweaty, hungry, smiling faces. Afterward some folks headed out for ice skating, some folks went on a pub crawl, and others opted for naps, Glazed and Confused donuts and dinner at Otro Cinco.  Finally, to close out this epic weekend of fitness and community, we lit up the dance floor and the photobooth at Wunderbar.  

Huge thanks to the host cities, November Project Syracuse, November Project Toronto, November Project Buffalo, November Project Rochester, and November Project Montreal.  If you’re not already following these cities and planning your traverbal, you should be. If you’re feeling the FOMO and thinking, “dang, I can’t wait until Summit in October to see a whole bunch of November Project cities gather together in one place” well I’ve got great news:  No Coast.  April 24-26 in Grand Rapids, Michigan eight midwestern cities will be taking over GR.  You should just show up to represent your city. Will there be a workout? Will there be a once-in-a-lifetime tag? Will there be racing?  Will it be fun? Yes to all that and more. Come hang out with Grand Rapids, Columbus, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison and Minneapolis for a midwestern nice weekend.


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