SMURF in SF, Big 5:30 Group in BOS, and Radio Silence from MSN Continues

By Laura McCloskey
We raced the Murph workout with a few adjustments, naming it “SMURF.” NPSF broke records today with 60 racers who came out for the sole reason to see Sam Livermore shake her ass. They did not go home disappointed. Outside Lands will bring out the best and the worst this weekend in SF.

HOMEWORK: Rock your #Grassroots gear to the festival and post a photo of you dancing/sleeping/rolling down the hill in the mud to the NP page. I am sure all the bands know about NPSF by now so it should also get you back stage. Oh, hey, Paul McCartney and Red Hot Chilly Peppers. Good to see you. Have you heard about November Project? Thought so.

by Bojan the Serbian
Our 5:30am group is strong! I mean, turbo with racing stripes, strong. We even got our first 5:30am group photo together and I was able to participate in it. Ah, my first group photo, and it only took me 18 months…

After putting 35 minutes on the clock to see how many sections we can complete in that time period, we raced one final section as a group. Dudes shooting photos for Runners World were there getting some visuals for a feature that will be dropping in the fall. We hope that we gave them enough material to persuade rest of the world to jump on board and spread the good word of free fitness and healthy community.

by DG (but not really)
Dan continues to teach telepathic communication to our Madison brethren that gave up on social media and this whole blogging thing so we’ll just assume how their workout went down.

After running repeatedly up Bascom hill since 7:30pm on Sunday only drinking 1 ounce of water, eating half a banana, and pack of Mentos, Dan Graham decided to take a break and do several thousand pushups while rest of the tribe was doing their prescribed workout. After the tribe went home to their respective showers, Dan decided to tell a punchline joke to Abe Lincoln statue. Since Abe didn’t think that raccoon saying jebrony was a plausible scenario categorically refusing to laugh, DG got mad and challenged Abe to a wrestling match greco-roman style. If you walk up Bascom later this afternoon, you’ll notice that the match is still going on.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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