Seattle POP-UP (DCA –> SEA)

PACIFIC NORTHWEST, we’re coming for you. For a hot minute. Actually though, a HOT minute. We heard Washington state is pushing 90 degrees, which isn’t much cooler than the Washington I’m in now and probably not much cooler than the So Cal Brogan’s sweating in.

I am Kaelan. I am from Alaska, living in Washington DC, co-leading November Project in Washington, DC. And about to get on the greatest flight across the country back to the #pacificnorthwestcoastbestcoast and get my sweat on with anyone and everyone at Gas Works Park.

Who’s with me?

THIS DUDE (on the right).  The man. All myth? A legend. AND YOU. Most importantly, YOU.

Curiosity peaked?

November Project is a FREE fitness movement that meets in 19 cities across the country, and THIS FRIDAY – that’s JUNE 26th – at 6:28am, we’ll be in 19 +one cities (specifically, Seattle…)

#JUSTSHOWUP to the TOP of KITE HILL in GAS WORKS PARK in Seattle, Washington for some #freefitness, massive hugs and to sweat your ____s off in that super rainy seattle summer dry, dry heat.

THIS is a MAP to the SPOT to #justshowup: TOP of KITE HILL in GAS WORKS PARK

Think you might be able to peak the curiosity of a friend (or a stranger)? SHARE THIS POST. We’re ALL about meeting new people. This is for EVERYONE, so… #RecruitEveryone

Oh, and if you bring a blank shirt of any kind, we’ll paint it at the end of the workout to have the iconic “November Project” title across the chest! In our world, we call that Grassroots Gear… and like your workout with us… it will cost you $0.


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