scrabbled eggs, hash browns, and sooo many pancakes….


Today, like every Monday we arrived, we maybe did some killer stairs, we maybe added burpees, and we maybe did some weird skipping thing. What I do know is we hugged some strangers, and welcomed some new faces.

I think each and everyone of us this morning, took a pause at the top of those pancakes…I mean stairs, and took a breath, the sun rose and our city was something to pause for, it was an amazing start to our Monday, maybe even…breath taking (yep, I wrote it).

At the end, we attempted a pyramid to celebrate the official one week countdown to where this all started, and where one of us….might be running a marathon! To top of the celebrations, we did a selfie circle of core, yes you read it right, and it was the only way to end a Monday feast!

Happy Monday All….let the force be with you!


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