Sally (YEG)

What happens when Jen has a playlist with only 2 songs on it?? Well…Sally goes up and down a lot and while my body tells me no, I won’t quit, cause I want more, cause I want more!

Sally challenged us three times (I think I’ll be hearing Moby all day coaching me each time I get up and down out of a chair)…we did a push-up challenge, then a V-sit-up challenge followed up by a squat challenge. To give our bodies a “rest” between the challenges we partnered up and alternated between prancing through the snow like Bambi and doing burpees, mountain climbers, plank jacks and tuck jumps.

It has been suggested that when we repeat this Monday workout challenge we add one more song to the playlist…wrapping up the morning with a slow dance segment. While everyone else was hearing about Sally and their bodies not quitting…Nadim could only hear R. Kelly serenading him…

It was an epic morning not only because we killed it but because we could see everyone’s smiling faces…it was above zero degrees!!!!! Yay!!!!! Enjoy your Monday…you earned it!! Hugs all around!

See you Wednesday!! Royal Glenora Stairs 5:58 AM!!

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