Daylight Savings.. Yes or No? (BOS)

Benefits of the daylight savings have been debated since it was introduced in 1916 Germany. Some argue that its implementation is necessary to reduce the energy consumption while others get grumpy when they lose an hour of sleep. We couldn’t care less if it’s one way or the other. The only things we notice is that our photos, after the period of looking beautiful and bright in February, go back to being dark and grainy until mid April.

Speaking of photos, I didn’t take many this morning, but the ones I did capture, are artsy just like our #DestinationDeck location (or at least that’s what I keep saying when they don’t come out as cool as I would like them to).

Institute of Contemporary Arts hosted a fun workout this morning that could have been more competitive if the surface wasn’t as slippery from the snow that just keeps lingering like a fart in the elevator. We’re hoping that by Wednesday it will be melted and that our stair running will not be impeded by it. As always we will have a 5:30AM and a 6:30AM group.

Happy Birthday Rosa, Happy #PositivityAward Shanae, and Happy Monday everyone!


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