Run Hills Like A Husky (BAL)

I have never seen someone enjoy hills more than Juno. Juno literally glided through the grass, tongue out, and galloped down Patterson Park. There was so much joy and energy that it was infectious. Juno….is a husky.


Sometimes I wake up and I just don’t feel like running (surprise! let’s get real – we leaders hate getting out of our nice warm beds too!). It’s dark, it’s stupid o’clock early, it’s cold. But then I get up and get out. I see the carefree nature of this large canine lumbering down the hill and it brings me joy and speed. I see people hugging and cheering and high fiving and loving. I see finisher’s tunnels and plank parties. I see more positivity in one morning than I do all the rest of my week in the world.

IMG_6498 IMG_6481 IMG_6439

I get to capture these moments, but also be a part of them. For those that are just joining us at November Project: you are too welcome and already loved. For those that just keep showing up: continue to be welcoming, to be open, to be vulnerable, to be your best fucking selves, which we know are weird and quirky and loving.

Today, run and lumber because you’re excited to. Because there is nothing else you would rather do with your legs, your body, and your day. Today: be Juno.


PS Excited to see you all SUNDAY @ 5PM AT RASH FIELD for a newspaper #BetterThanBedtime Treat. Join us.

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