Rub the Magic Lamp…Post (LAX)

That’s most likely the most action that lamppost has had in years. If you don’t know what were talking about it’s definitely not Gene Kelly tapping his way to a lamppost and singing to the skies.  No today’s workout was based on the number of booty taps you could get in 30 minutes at the Berendo Stairs. Once done with a set of stairs with Burpees, Dips, box jumps, and push-ups you close out the round with a bum to lamp post completion. The person with the most action toward the poll won an multiuser palm tree branch.  We’re talking a pet dog, wig, hula skirt and whatever else your little heart desires.


With all the smiles, all the sweat and ultimate hardwork this morning the weekend was definitely earned. And what better way to earn it than with Chicago’s own pistol wielding Brent Cummingjamon Cunningham. It was great to have you dude.

To see each of you push yourself and not give up is what will make the difference.  This is what sets us a part from the rest.  We’re able to crack smiles, share hugs, but work hard on and be determined to knock out a bucket of sweat by the end of the workout. Give yourself a pat on the back for being a fit being and making the choice to wake up, work hard and have fun while doing it.



ARIBA HUSTLE- Let us celebrate in style! Cinco De Mayo that is. We will all meet at a secret location where we will then follow a tortilla chip trail to another secret location to get loco, boozy and social. We love secrets and being social.

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