We’ve all seen that viral video of those Fourth Graders playing Rock-Paper-Scissors in the hula hoops in gym class, right? RIGHT? Right.

We tried that today. It went well. 

It turns out that Fourth Grade gym activities port really well over to November Project workouts. We threw in a little rowing, and some lunges, planks, and bicycle kicks. You know. To make it ours. 

Maybe it’s because the awesome members of November Project Oakland can make anything into an amazing workout, but it turned out that this was a pretty rough workout. So we burned out with a simple Rock-Paper-Scissors tournament. You know. Because everyone had so much practice already. And Jen won! Go Jen!


SUNRISE 6K: NP_BayArea’s Sunrise 6k is THIS FRIDAY, August 24. Meet here at 6:00am and get ready to throw down some 6k PRs. You can find the carpool doc on the NP_OAK Facebook social page (if you’re not a member of the social page, contact Alex and Rebecca). HOMEWORK: invite at least 10 of your friends on Facebook, especially if they’ve never been to an NP workout before. You don’t want to miss this one! Facebook event here.

SUMMIT: Register soon for the North Face Endurance Challenge Series at Kettle Moraine State Park in Wisconsin. You can run 50 miles, 50 kilometers, a marathon, or team up with a few other folks to run a marathon relay. Here’s a Google doc to start coordinating relay and race interests, travel, and other stuff.

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