Today’s workout was fun. With such a condensed area for the entire tribe, you HAD to work with and around one another. Frankly, we love having you all share the same small spaces in hopes that you’ll push each other along the way. Please remember, if you’re ever wondering if you should encourage a person that’s passing you (or you’re passing them) but are not sure how it will come off – don’t think – just do it. Belt it out as loud as you can (unless we’re in the hills and neighbors are complaining)! We need more noise and positive reinforcement from the tribe to the tribe. Not sure what to say? Try a simple, “Fuck Yeah!” It’s universal, yet very tribe specific. #Rise&ShineHarder #StayPositive

By working the second half of the tour three times this morning, we’re hoping that you’ll get used to seeing those final 19 sections come and go. THIS WILL MAKE YOU FASTER and come next Wednesday you’ll be ready to knock the simple 37 section “tour” down for a new PR. Many suggestions came on what to name this workout so we gave it to the tribe to decide. And the tribe has spoken – from this day forward, the 3 X 19 sections for a total of 57 workout will be known as “RobotMan3.”

Tomorrow we’ll be opening the registration for November Project Yoga 2 by Goldie Yoga hosted at Lululemon Newbury location. Unfortunately there are only 37 spots in this #FREE vinyassa class so please move fast when you see the invite. This event is going down on Thursday, November 1st, at 6:30AM. 88Acres & E.t.c Juice will be providing snacks and refreshments after the class. Keep in mind, The Running Of The Bowls will be that night so if you don’t get into this class you’ll still be able to gather, move, laugh, and enjoy NP’s Birthday, only with the crowd ten times larger and louder.

Scores from this AM are coming up later…

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