Riding the Roller Coaster (PHL)

Another exhilarating Wednesday morning is in the books here in Philadelphia.  This morning’s workout brought together newbies, NP PHL veterans and one soul from the Boston mothership.  Temperatures were just right for some intense hill repeats behind the PMA, or affectionately known as (and recently dubbed by yours truly) “Riding the Roller Coaster.”  Members scaled the steep, long incline just off the Schuylkill River Trail for ~25 minutes, did burpees and then rode the Roller Coaster two more times for good measure.  Positivity was in the air this AM.  Hugs, encouragement, high fives and ass slaps abounded.

A big, BIG shoutout to Susan and Heather our two Boston Marathon runners who blazed from Hopkinton to Copley on Monday.  Instead of icing up and resting, Susan is such a badass that she decided  to eat her Wheaties and come out to run hills with us this morning.  BOOM.

Next week is PR week and pre-Broad Street.  Therefore, in anticipation of A LOT of tagging, we will ask you to come a little early to next week’s workout if you want gear tagged.  We want our Broad Street runners to proudly wear NOVƐMBƐR PROJƐCT across their chests on the epic 10 mile journey through our city.  Also, look for updates about meeting points for Broad Street Run cheer sections and post run beer drinking.

This week I am honored and humbled to receive the Hard Hat from Meghan.  Meghan is a hard worker, strong hugger and ELITE athlete.  Meghan’s positivity, smiles and work ethic brings a great dynamic to the group.  Incidentally, having Meghan at our workouts also allows you to say things like this when you get home, “hunny, at this morning’s workout I did partner push-ups with a World Class rower, how was your extra sleep?”  When the Hard Hat was initially born, I never could have imagined how great of an honor it would be to receive it from a fellow Tribesperson, thank you.

“I chose Dan for this week’s Hard Hat Award because he exemplifies every quality the November Project was founded on & has done an AMAZING job building Philly’s ever growing chapter to what it is today. His positive leadership has set the tone for a wonderful atmosphere every week. Whether it’s hugs, f-bombs, cheerleading, hard work, burpees, creative photography, etc… Dan always gives 110% with a smile, but simultaneously DEMANDS that all tribe members do as well. The best part of Dan’s recruitment efforts is his emphasis that November Project has something for EVERYONE. Regardless of your fitness level, you WILL get a good workout & more importantly have FUN doing it. And who doesn’t love hugs?!?! As a recently retired athlete, I am eternally grateful for Dan’s encouragement to participate as it’s helped to fill the void & ease the transition away from competitive athletics in a very healthy way.” – Meghan S.

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