Rescue Mission

If you slept in today, you missed what can only be described as a miraculous rescue mission.  The “saver” was a killer bridge workout with a slave driver on each end and a bunch of badass people slaying a workout in between them.  The “damsel in distress” was my lame-ass bounce in which I got writers block as soon as it started…  Oh well.  We fought through a Monday blah and ended up with a Monday YA! 

Congrats to the SeaWheeze crew who not only found their intention but also completed a run in the tough streets of Stanley Park this weekend.  Jen obviously mixed too much Kambucha with her upward dogs and was sorely missed this morning, xoxo Jen.  

My sauna is hot, my day is done, my brain isn’t working much better than during the bounce… See you Wednesday!  Thanks for showing up this morning!!! 

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