Relay for Light: NP_BOS winter run + social

Light it up Light it up

The back story: Friday, Dec 21, 2018 is the longest “dark day,” or the day of the year with the shortest amounts of daylight.  The November Project tribe is all about being more weatherproof than the weather, being more morning people than the sun, and being more badass than the excuses that plague us.  So we’re going to run our way through the longest dark day and right into the days that get longer and have more light.  Let’s have social fitness fun, while breaking through all those excuses.

The theme: LIT As F*ck

That’s right.  Light it up!  Make you, your tribe, and this whole city Lit AF.  Wear bright clothes, anything neon or glow in the dark.  Actual lights are not only fun but add to the “lit” effect we’re going for.  Get lit.  AF.

We could also call this “be the light you want to see in the world.”  So be bright.*  Be Lit.

The event: Part 1.  THE RUN

We meet at 7:30pm in front of (outside!) Boston Beer Works, Fenway.  GROUP RUN + lots of fun along the way.  Return back to start by 8pm.  All speeds welcome, all humans welcome. 

The event: Part 2.  THE RELAY

From 8pm all the way until midnight, we will relay run in small groups around the outside of Fenway Park, racking up some serious miles as a tribe.  We will run out the clock on the longest dark day of the year.

The event: Part 2a. THE SOCIAL

While we’re relay running, all those who aren’t running will be socializing like adults in Boston Beer Works.  When it’s your turn to hop out and run a lap or 2 for the team, you do that with a small crew of runners, then hop back inside with everyone else. 

The #GrassrootsGear

We want everyone to be wearing grassroots gear on Friday night.  Wear the stuff you have.  And we will be tagging on site, so bring a single item (the brighter the better) if you need some new #GrassrootsGear.

The questions: we know you’ll ask, so here they are.

Can I come late?

Show up anytime between 7:30pm and midnight…we’ll be there and you are welcome. 

Do I have to run?

Of course not.  You can skip, jog, shuffle, walk, or not run at all.  If you’re around for the 7:30pm group run, you will be able to go your speed and not get left behind.  Anyone who joins us after 8pm will get to (but not have to) put their name in for the relay run teams.  Come to run, come to be friendly & social, or come for both!

What should I bring?


layers of clothes to be able to stay warm while outside and also not sweat to death inside.  Neon, colorful layers are best.

your ID.

$$ for food and/or beverages.

all the lights you have and anything that glows in the dark.

Chris Payne

What if I don’t have lights?

That’s cool.  Get creative!  Don’t give up.  Ask for help.  The tribe is resourceful.

Can I bring my kid, dog, spouse, friends?

Yup. Nope. Yup. Yup. 

Will Chris Payne be there?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if he was?  He’s so fun at social run fun events.  Everyone should text, FB message, slack, IG message, and call him to be sure he’s going. 

Any other questions?  Just do whatever you think Capozzi would do and figure it out. 

*”Be bright” is explicitly used to make jokes about NP_San Diego and their weatherspoofy all-year brightness.  we love them. 

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