Regulators!!! Mount Up! (PHL)

“By a show of hands, how many of you know who Ralph Macchio is?” This is how we separated the young from the not-so-young this morning. And we “old folk” came out on top, because we all know who Ralph is. But that’s a whole other story. See what happens when you leave us, Dan? Things get weird-er!

The air was a crisp, cool 65 degrees. The setting was Franklin Field. Guys and gals showed up from all over this fine city and beyond. The throwback jams rang out to the masses as we regulated with Warren G. This morning the tribe completed our first half-tour of our stadium, and it was GLORIOUS!

We leave you with this: You’re the best … Around! Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down! Get outside and have some fun. Your weekend has been earned! Peace and love and other mushy stuffs!

See y’all Wednesday at The Steps.

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