For those of you who have been November Project members since the early spring, you may have started noticing that our tribe is growing at an awesome pace. The exciting part is that the growth is taking place in both quality and quantity. This new community is 100% due to the word of mouth recruiting that you all are doing on a regular basis. By cutting and pasting this blog link, remaining active on our Facebook page, adding in on Twitter, sharing photos via Instagram, planning your workout attire on Pinterest, and the many other forms of social media, the energetic words that started as a small whisper are getting louder each week and November Project is naturally bringing on more racers. As you know, more racers will help to fill in the gaps between athletes in our workouts. This filled out pack will push us all harder and help us trim time as a… here it comes… as a team. Please keep up the recruiting and bring our #grassroots #community more good people and beastly racers.

Today’s photos will post on Facebook later today. Please LIKE, tag, and share like crazy. Here is a preview of what’s to come..


Happy 4th of July! Relax, train, travel, laugh, and simply enjoy. You’ve earned this time. Feel free to post in the comments section if you’d like to create your own time to workout with November Project members.


6:30 AM start at Summit Ave in Brookline for “Hill Sprints.” We’ll meet at Summit & Beacon. The work is a total of 5 trips from bottom to top of Summit Ave. You may add whatever rest you’d like at the top, bottom, both, or none at all. Your total time for all 5 trips combined will be your score for the day – if you do add rest that will be added into your running/total time. Feel free to look check out some of the other Friday posts on November Project blog.

Keep in mind, this workout is roughly the same amount of time as your stadium tour and has been said to be both “more fun” and “much more badass.” Come find out for yourself what Friday is all about.

JULY 2012

In case you missed the other posts on this topic, you can earn $50 OFF at Marathon Sports or a FREE 1 Year Hubway Membership by simply checking in and training with November Project for 5 or more sessions this month. Today and Friday will both count into the “5+ workouts in July” deal as long as you have your name recorded.

Some of you have been asking about official November Project merchandise… stay tuned as some awesome things are in works.

Great work today, stay cool, hydrated and we’ll see you on Friday.

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