Recruiting Challenge

Wisconsin Notes:

-Recruiting Challenge starts Friday

-Bombers Game, August 17th

– Trans Canada Classic, August 18th

-Bridge Challenged

This morning was FIRE, literal fire (ok, not literal fire) but it was smokin’ hot out and y’all brought the heat. We crushed the bridge challenge and there were many sweaty bodies to show for that hard work. We are cracking down on lateness, bounce starts at 6:14am, no excuses. A few late comers learned the hard way, and missed the 1st half of the workout, and Army D enforced the push-up punishment.

Shabooya was handed of to thrice recipient Danielle. Danielle is wicked smart, super friendly, and goes out of her way to make everyone feel welcome. Danielle we’re glad you’re here.

Recruiting Challenge starts Friday, and ends August 31st, that’s 7 chances to get a ballot! You get one ballot for every new person you bring, or old person who hasn’t come yet in 2018. The good folks at Prairie Summit are hooking us up with a sweet prize for the recruitment challenge. You need to be present at the Sunrise 6K on August 31st to win the prize. So get recruiting!

Friday, August 17th we’re going to the bombers game! We’ve only sold 6/30 tickets, so get on it friends! We get a group discount and we all get to sit together and hangout! The website only works from a desktop computer, the link is:

promo code: NP2018

Saturday, August 18th is the Trans Canada Classic, it’s a run/ bike race/ field trip/ adventure. It’s gonna be wicked awesome, you should come. Get the details here:

Lots of Love for everyone who showed up and made this morning awesome, keep coming, keep recruiting, keep crushing it.

I’ve got to cut this one short because I am currently in the backseat, en route to Beyoncé in Minneapolis.

Catch ya on the flip side Winnipeg!

-Roadtrippin’ M

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