Record setting PR day (YWG)

Wisconsin Notes

  • -40C, -52 with windchill= new November Project Record for coldest workout ever
  • Jody is one cool cat- earning the Positivity Award
  • Pop Up workout this Friday morning at The Forks at 6:14 am
  • The Great Skate this Sunday at The Forks at 8am

Frosty D here, coming at ya with a blog and some pics from the coldest workout on record for all November Project cities, ever. I showed up early this morning to a very empty Forks area, and I had one of those moments where I thought to myself ‘Is this finally the day no one shows up? Is it too cold?’ That lasted for about a minute, and then people started rolling in. We are Winnipeg, so when we see windchill of -52, we just throw an extra layer on. Some things we saw today; ski goggles, Carhartt coveralls, layers on layers, frosty beards and frozen lashes, and Jon Hunt’s bare face. We had close to 40 people show up this morning, which is really cool but also madness.

Jody has been showing up for a couple years now, and she is at everything November Project. She recruits, and when her recruits have car trouble (frozen cars) and can’t make it to the workout, she goes out of her way to pick them up and make sure they get there. She wears grassroots, she encourages, she inspires, and she is fire on a frigid and frozen morning like today. Jody, we are glad you’re part of this family.

Who’s cold? I’m not cold. Are you cold? – Jody (paraphrasing)

This coming weekend is maybe the greatest weekend of the winter for us. We have our marquee winter event, The Great Skate 4.0. We have 9 leaders coming in from other November Project cities, and a few others making the journey. The owner of Prairie Summit, Geoff, who has so graciously sponsored so many of our events like The Great Skate and Sunrise 6ks, coming in from Regina to see what the fuss is all about. We have The North Face Canada showing up with a Polaroid Photo Booth so you can get some fire keepsakes (and they are bringing a bunch of prizes). We have Garrett from Wildhouse Media coming out to capture the event on video, and Emily coming to take pictures (she was the photographer two years ago, and she did a stunning job, as did Janelle last year).

Just like last year, we will be hosting a Pop Up Friday morning workout at The Forks to showcase to the leaders from the other cities the best that Winnipeg has to offer. If the wind isn’t too bad on Friday, we are hoping to get down to the river for much of the workout. Your homework; find yourself an accountability buddy to get yourselves there this Friday, make us proud! 6:14am at The Forks, this Friday.

photo by Emily Patrician

Click on this link for more info on The Great Skate:

The Great Skate 2019

  • Register at 8am (head down to the river after to get some pics at the photo booth)
  • Bounce at 8:55am
  • Race starts at 9am sharp
  • Brunch and prizes start at 10am
  • Use the hashtag #thegreatskate2019

We are still looking for a few more volunteers to show up just before 8am on Sunday, so please reach out to us! If we haven’t gotten back to you, please reach out again.

That’s it that’s all, stay warm out there and see you Friday and Sunday.

Frosty D

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