Recipe for Success (BOS)

Wake up. Drop a douce. Eat a light breakfast (optional). Brush your teeth. Put your running gear on. Run to pre-determent location. High-five and hug some people. Put 16 minutes on the clock for 40″ on/20″ off intervals of mountain-climbers, push-ups, burpees, and planks. Run home. Shower.

That’s how, or pretty similar to that, about 200 people in Boston (or should I say Cambridge) started this morning in John F Kennedy Park. Some of us raced hard this weekend, some of us cheered hard, some of us partied hard, some of us relaxed hard. All of us set our alarms last night and all of us got up this morning to enjoy the sunrise with our tribe. This morning was great!

On Wednesday we will start accepting your submissions. You have few more days to plot for the most epic #HighFlyingPhoto that you can think of.

See you at the stadium!

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