Questions (YEG)

Did I forget to write the blog today? Maybe. Did someone have to remind me? Perhaps. If there is no blog, did the workout even happen? I don’t know. If I don’t record my time in the tracker, was I even there? Of course not. If there is no noise during the bounce, did we actually bounce? Ask Jen. If I give a one-armed hug, does it count? Hips-in or bust.

I’ve been think about the past quite a bit lately. You know, the usual things, like the kinds of cakes I have had for my birthdays, the last time I wet the bed, how often I was given bread and butter sandwiches for lunch,  what does leggo my eggo mean, am I really loving it, why can’t rabbits have trix and how many times did I just do it, is the singular word for cheese, choose? Many of these questions will remain unanswered for centuries. When I started writing this paragraph, everything was going to tie together… Since I started writing this paragraph, things have happened, and I forgot what I was getting at.

Friday. Emily Murphy. 6am.



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