Pushing girls on the playground

Since childhood we’ve used pushing to express our true feelings.  In Kindergarten, on the playground, we pushed that cute girl we liked.  We pushed out of love.  We pushed because we wanted to be connected, we just didn’t know how to go about establishing that connection like “adults”.  “Sweetheart, he only pushed you because he’s shy and nervous, and he likes you.”


Today, as “adults”, we still come out to the playground, and we still push, once again out of love.  But this love is a little different, and this push is necessary.  We love our fellow tribesmen and women.  We love, therefore we push.  But this time we push one another to run just a little faster, to get in that extra burpee, to give it everything we have in that last 5 minutes.  We push each other to be stronger athletes, better, kinder individuals, and more influential members of our community.  These “pushes” may have changed a bit over the years, but they still hold that same sense of love and connection.


So ladies, as you pick the gum out of your hair, and fellas, as your sore muscles recover from giving that extra push to impress those ladies, remember, we all make one another better, stronger, more fulfilled human beings.  We all push one another to be the best versions of ourselves.  And if ever in need of a little extra push, you all know where to get one, every Monday and Wednesday morning.  Draw from you NP community.  Draw inspiration, motivation, strength, pride, and happiness, turn around, and give it right back.  And don’t forget to have fun along the way.  We’re all kids at heart.  Everyone loves the playground.  You can’t outgrow a good time.  So dance like no one is watching; or, like everyone is watching, and you just don’t care #pauleak



Morning Announcements:

-Today’s lunch special will be paddy melts with potato wedges and fruit cup.

YEARBOOK PHOTOS:  Wednesday – theme: “back to school“.  Bring your pretty face and a friend to mark your spot in the NP Yearbook.  And for all of you star pupils, show up a little early (6:15) to make sure we get through all of the photos before the workout is over.  We’re gunning for 200! #SoCalRollCall

#MayhemMonday’s: Back to School Edition: Waterfront Park Playground 6:29AM

-Standardized testing will begin next week.  Bust out those #2 pencils and TI83 calculators.


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