Labour Day at NPSF: A celebration of #FreeFitness and Tinder Profile Photos

Labour Day. A national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of the United States of America. Many people celebrate this celebration of work, by taking the day off work and sleeping in (often with a heavy head from the previous days of libations). But not here. No no. Not at the November Project. We celebrated this celebration of work with our own celebration of #freefitness. We get the hell out of bed and did some work. Under the glowing rising Sun from the East, we took to the Aquatic Park Pier and ran suicides and climbing mountains (in mountain climber form). We shouted and bounced around the non-conformist Frenchman. We celebrated the mighty return of Kenny Wong from the deserts of Burning Man. We added to our mini-Tribe of Europeans, with 4 traverbalers from the flats of the Netherlands. Paddy and Lindsay Bolt battled over the ownership of the camera, so they could both keep up their facade of participating in the workout (but not really). #BreakfastGang… EARNED! #BBQgang… EARNED! Enjoy the last stretch of the bank holiday weekend… EARNED!

Also given that the Aquatic Park Pier is our usual location for our infamous Tinder Workout, NPSF gives the lads of the Tribe some golden potential Tinder profile photos. Have at it, lads! You’ll get a hefty share of swipe rights with these few.

_DSC6751 _DSC6753 _DSC6759 _DSC6734 _DSC6744 _DSC6733 _DSC6723

P.S. Shoutout to the random guy who infiltrated our Finisher’s Tunnel. Looks a little worse for wear from a hard night celebrating Labour Day


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