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A friend shared some wise words with me earlier this year when we were talking about changing habits. She suggested that when you catch yourself saying you don’t have time for something try rephrasing it to say it’s just not a priority right now & then see how that feels.

Thanks for the advice Sarah! @teach2learn

What great advice…I’ve caught myself wondering if I have “the time” a few times over the last week. Change is often accompanied with a period of reflection and reprioritizing. As I was working out how I might be able to manage my new position and still honour my other commitments what was very clear is that I wanted to be able to do it all. For the last month I have been strategizing how I would be able to be present at NP in the morning & make to it Fort Saskatchewan in time to be freshened up and ready to engage with my students and staff before the busses arrived. With a game plan in place (Sunday meal prep to ensure I have breakfasts-to-go, wash down, clothes picked out the night before & learning how to use dry shampoo) I had been anxiously awaiting game week. (I suspect this is exactly how the Falcons and Patriots feel right now. Easing into the transition Andrew and Nadim graciously accommodated my request to have Monday’s workout on the East side of the city and the wind cooperated also as I’m pretty sure we didn’t quite get all 52 cards in that morning (although my abs and chest might argue that we did)…timing on my side I made it to school; & was ready with loads of time to space. Wednesday and today were to be the real tests and as I had envisioned (and lost a little sleep over) for the last month it all worked out. I had the time 🙂

Obviously, it can’t always work out but I know that I will be a better assistant principal when I also prioritize community and active living. Lucky for me, with some organization and planning, I won’t have to say “I don’t have time for November Project.”

Thank you for all choosing to spend your time with the tribe this morning. The hill was buzzing today…you all give me energy!!

PS – #freethebuffs movement is strong…Glad you found the time to make all of those signs & shirts…priorities! Keep it going and hopefully one of these days the buffs will be released!

#justshowup 6AM

Monday – Old Stanley Milner Library Plaza between 99 St & 100 St

Wednesday – Royal Glenora Stairs

Friday – Walterdale Hill

Until next time…SMILE! J

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