PR Wednesday, and Thumb-Wrestlemania (CHI)

It was Beautiful morning for the Chicago tribe to come and kill it. We started the day by tagging gear, and hug-assaulting some strangers and Sarah from NP Denver! Bounce, swear, awkward stare, hit it…

Hills today consisted of 15 minutes of continuous up, down, and around; see how many full loops you can get in. After documenting the impressive scores laid down in speedy fashion, we got into the first challenge of the day, 6 inch leg lifts. Brendan “leg-master” Scully brought it in at 3 minutes and 45 seconds! From there we took it into pushups and back-to-back wall sits.

The Chi-Tribe isnt all work and no play though. Whats a good way to forget about a grueling time trial? If you said Thumb-Wrestling Tournament, then you’re spot on buddy. Heres the Championship match set to Eye of the Tiger…


All in all it was a pretty stellar morning. We’re growing the tribe, making weird new friends, and oh yeah, getting fit as fuck!

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