Pour on the Gravy!

Today in Minneapolis, we earned our Thanksgiving dinner. In celebration of feasting the workout completed is entitled “The Gravy Boat” and more gravy boats you complete, the more gravy and other junk you earn tomorrow. The gravy boat starts in the center of two hills: The 35W memorial bridge hill, and the stone arch bridge hill. The group pairs up and one from each pair takes off to begin climbing opposite hills. Once halfway up, you come back down to the bottom, do 4 burpees and climb halfway up the other hill, come back down, do 4 more burpees and then go back to the first hill and go all the way up, etc until you’ve topped both hills. Completing that is one gravy boat. These Shenanigans went on for ~26 minutes until a cow bell sounded and the tribe collected back in the center of the two hills.


The last 3 minutes of the workout were spent on completing a “burn out” session, where we sprinted with everything we had left. We grouped into pairs again and while one person sprinted around the button-hook (just a straight-way that hooks left), the other person planked until they were tagged to begin their sprint.


All said and done, the tribe worked HARD. Gravy was handed out to tribe member E. Rolf for running the entire workout in lumberjack attire. Kahki pants, boots, a flannel, the whole bit. Way to go E. Rolf.

The lumberjack award wound up on the shoulders of tribe member Jack Mullaney. A fitting place for the flannel vest.

The Positivity Award was given out a tribe member for a special reason. This tribe member is a little crazy, though we love him. This tribe member has a slogann of #nodaysoff. This tribe member has run every day for the past year straight including through two bouts of stomach flu. Way to go Jeremy Reichenberger!!!

Other News:

  • #sunrise 6k December 9th, more to come!!
  • Post-TG workout on FRIDAY. Umn boathouse, 6:27am. STAIRS!!
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