Gobble, Baby, Gobble (IND)

Wisconsin Notes:

  1. Ari made us realize what we should have been capable of when we were 18 (Dawgs gotta eat!!)
  1. Indy tribe is not messing around when it comes to bringing their #grassrootsgear to get tagged, fuck yea!!
  1. The breakfast club spills coffee almost as well as we crush stairs.
  1. Apparently there is a place in Indy that sells warm 40oz’s of Magnum.

Thanksgiving Eve’s Race Day started off with the tribe doing “The Gobble” (not to be confused with “The Wobble” which is very similar).  We sang, we touched tailfeathers, and we were off.  The tribe feasted on the usual recipe of up-and-overs with sit-ups, push-ups, mountain climbers, and burpees sprinkled in for flavor.  Ari and Casey even went back for seconds.

Five NP newbies got tossed into the oven with today’s race day and came out nice and juicy….although one may have decided to send his meal back via the “puke bush”.  It was one big happy family dinner that didn’t even wait for the sun to come up this morning!

DSC05816 (Get ya some 5:28 group!!)

Cheers to those who decided to #justshowup. Parker, who verballed and MISSED, is stuck doing the dishes (the “We Missed You Post” is here).  Big ups to Colleen for winning the “tracker challenge” and walking away with some sweet Bluetooth headphones, and huge thanks to Lauren and Ruth for helping out once again on the tagging crew!

Happy Thanksgiving and we will see y’all in December!!


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