Post-Summit HYPE (and more) in DCA

500 people. On the top of a ski slope. In the middle of summer. Yelling. Cheering. Smiling. Hugging. Think Braveheart but only some painted faces and way more smiling. All there to celebrate my birthday. No? That’s not what that was for?

The setting is Ontario and despite many airlines’ best efforts, a few hundred November Project members made their way on plane, train, and dog sled to the Blue Mountains up in Canada to meet each other, race, and generally get hyped about a movement that’s taking over the world. Sounds great, eh? If you missed this year’s #NPSUMMIT, don’t worry November Project Canada took TONS of photos. It takes place once a year and they JUST KEEP GETTING BETTER. When we know the dates and locations of next year’s #NPSUMMIT, you’ll be the first to know.

While tribe members from the 29 current (and some possibly future) cities came together for that, the leaders of each city gathered in a cold dark basement (we’ll call this our lair) and planned #WorldTakeover. Here’s the highlights:

  1. Each of the cities now has a #SisterCity. What does this mean? For roughly 6 months, we in DC are sister cities with Reykjavik, Iceland. What does this entail? While we will plan events or racing or random things that coincide between our cities, make sure you like/follow NP ICELAND on FB and IG.  Show them some love. Get to know them in this short Dooster Film. Stay tuned for more.
  2. Free gear is coming your way via Knockaround. We won’t tell you beforehand when, so you’ll have to #JustShowUp consistently. The same is happening from TNF. In fact, they’re letting us design our own shirts. If you want to come up with a sweet front of the shirt design that truly represents November Project DC (they are city specific), submit it to novprojectdc @ gmail . com.
  3. Waiver. It’s simple. Just make sure you’ve signed in AT LEAST ONCE on the TRACKER. CLICK HERE TO DO THAT. After the first time, you could never use the tracker and we wouldn’t care…but the Friday locations are always posted there so it can benefit you. We don’t use it to spam you, sell your info, or anything of the sort. So JUST DO IT (#Nike?) and tell your friends to as well.


WEDNESDAY ETIQUETTE: PLEASE remember to follow a few simple rules to make hump day flow super well.

  1. Show up a few minutes early to drop your stuff at coat check. Nobody wants you to miss the bounce. Some people think that’s the best part (boosting Kaelan’s ego).
  2. We go up and down the left side of the granite stairs. When doing spice, use the entire area by the reflecting pool and leave space for those on the stairs that need to turn at the bottom. When you finish spice and return to stairs, go with the flow aka go to the left side BEFORE you start going up the stairs.
  3. When you see a bike or pedestrian coming through (as they often do), let them through. Yes, we have a permit for the space but we’re also a very large group. We need to let people through that haven’t had the pleasure of coming to NP yet. Remember, their experience in those 5 seconds is how they picture our group…so make them appreciate how courteous we are!

FRIDAY: We’ll be here. Yes the link takes you to the tracker. Sign in. Use it to see the location.

If you made it to this point, CONGRATULATIONS! We love you guys. Bear with us as we continue to work with NPS to work things out. In the meantime, comment on the FB album and say “Inflatable flamingos have feelings too”.


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