positively punctual (YWG)

Frosty crew of NPers enjoyed a beautiful sunrise this morning

Wisconsin notes:

  • PR Day
  • Buffs-$5, we still have many
  • Jody- Positively Punctual
  • Today- still cold, more -31 badges were handed out
  • D takes a break

Today was a frosty PR day (again). As Dom said at the beginning of the workout, you are all amazing and tough for showing up all winter long. It might still be a bit chilly out, but we are at the time of the year that the sun starts to rise half way through the workout, and it is a glorious feeling.

It was a tough day to PR, the ramps were slick and the temps were frigid, but those that did manage to hit a PR were treated to a November Project key chain tag (thanks to Yoga Steve from Buffalo). We’ve got more, so push yourself just a wee bit harder next time and you can earn yourself one. It was also -32 with the windchill this morning, so a few people got badges, including the newcomer, Ricky. We only have a dozen or so badges left, which means 200 different people have come to workouts that were -31 or colder over the last three winters. That’s pretty impressive.

We’ve still got quite a few buffs to sell. We ordered a good amount, as we normally sell out. Some cities pre sell theirs, and others will only allow one buff per person, but we have confidence in the group that the buffs will sell and we wanted to give people the option to buy several if they wanted more than one, so we just ordered a bunch and hoped that they’d sell. Tell your friends buffs are available, snap some pictures of yourself in the buff, sorry, in your buff, and tag #NPbuff. Where else can you get a really nice buff for five dollars?

Jody is Positively Punctual

I was looking at the Positivity Award this morning, and I was thinking about how it’s been over four years of handing it out. Looking at the different names on it is a little trip down memory lane. We used to joke about how Rick won it the most times, because of all the times he’d go to hand it out to someone, he would start his speech and then halfway through people would clue in to who he was talking about and tell him that they had left early, so he would just award it to himself instead.

It’s fun to hand it out; I enjoy the surprise on people’s face when they realize you’re talking about them. I still remember when I first won it. I honestly feel like every time we’ve handed it out, it has been hard earned by that person. Jody has really been bringing that positivity for quite some time. I first noticed her hype game in the summer when she ran the Sunrise 6k series, and I was pumped when she won the TNF duffel bag. She brings friends out, she shows up on the coldest of days, always pumped to be there, and most importantly, she’s on time! She is always one of the first people at the workout. Everyone else, please show up on time. I’m not going to go into why showing up on time is good, everyone has their reasons and we aren’t the playground police, but if more than half the group is consistently late, then it’s more of a systemic problem and it means we aren’t calling you out enough as a group. So here’s the call out! Be like Jody; be awesome.

Here’s a picture of me to break up the text in the blog and because this next part is about me

Starting today, I’m taking a six-week break from November Project. As most of you know, or have probably noticed, I haven’t been able to properly do the workouts for quite a while now. I hurt my back in the summer of 2017, and it’s been a long process of trying to get it sorted. I won’t get too into it, because it’s not very interesting, but it’s come to the point that if I do a hard workout, I’ll wake up in more pain the next day. I’ve decreased my hours at work, and I’ve stopped most activities that I enjoy, like running and squash, and I haven’t skated or skied nearly as often as I would have liked to this winter. Due to my competitive spirit, and my desire to lead from the group, if I come to a workout I find it hard to take it easy. So I talked to Megan and Dom about it, and they will hold down the fort for the next month and a half while I focus on rehabilitative workouts for my back. I know they’ll still crush it while I’m away, and I will miss November Project more than they’ll miss me.

And that’s all I have to say about that. Have a great day every one, and I will see you in six weeks!

-Injured D

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