Playoff Time (NYC)


Playoff hockey season is here, and it felt like we were in Edmonton this morning.  Cold ass day, cloudy skies, asking people to say “about.”  Workout today, playoff themed.  Four rounds, seven minutes each.  And since everyone was working their ass off today, so everyone advanced after each round.  Started off with some running (buddies ran opposite directions) and did BUDDY hoisties (two times each circuit as they passed each other) to get the legs moving.  Does it get better than running around Midtown Manhattan screaming BUDDY like you are in the lake at camp? No, it doesn’t.  Make sure to find your buddy, make sure they are not drowning in the sea of people at the Union Square subway station.  


Round 2: Bunny Hops or Step-Ups while your partner planked it out till you get tagged in.  This seems like an easy round, right? But then you advanced to the Conference Finals. 


Round 3: This is where it started getting trickier.  Buddies buddied up with other buddies to form groups of (Final) 4. Yes, 2+2=4…mind blown. One set of buddies back wall sat while the other set of buddies did dips off knees. Switch! Repeat!  

Round 4: Sebastian.  Ference said it best, “This is the finals.  You’re tired, you’ve been playing for months. Your beard is bushy–it’s even a bit itchy. Dig deep, this is the Finals.”


Oh, did you notice that Andrew Ference was at the workout today? Cool.  We didn’t either.  Special thanks are in order to the NHL for the cool spot to head to after the workout.  Thanks for the coffee and pastries.  Thanks to Bryant Park for letting us wake up the neighbors that were out and about this morning and got a Friday morning surprise.  Now, its time for everyone to head to Edmonton this summer and pay the folks at NOVEMBER PROJECT CANADA a little visit.  #WorldTakeOver is happening.


WEDNESDAY: Bridge Day.  Meet is on the Ward’s Island side of the E102nd Street foot bridge. #Grassrootsgear day.  5:28/6:28 a.m.

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