Social media channels are littered with duck face selfies, groupies (as @thelovelaceclub calls them), and newly invented sparrow faces. Instead of adding more of these masterpieces to the world of interwebs, we decided to create the new category called #PhotoTakingPhoto. Now just so we’re clear, it’s not “photo taking photo”! That sounds silly and it doesn’t make any sense. It’s #PhotoTakingPhoto! Repeat after me… #PhotoTakingPhoto! Got it? Great!

To properly capture #PhotoTakingPhoto, use your social media phone to capture a person/multiple people taking a photo of themselves or someone else. Taking the photo of yourself taking the photo of yourself in the mirror does not count regardless of how artsy you think it may be. The bottom line is, the #PhotoTakingPhoto photograph needs to have someone that’s not you, holding the picture-taking-phone, trying to capture a moment in time. Simple as that. Or is it? You’ll have the whole weekend to practice your #PhotoTakingPhoto capturing skills. Please show us what you learned by sharing your #PhotoTakingPhotos and tagging @novemberpoject via Instagram. Twitter and facebook are good backup options but Instagram should be your primary target. Have fun capturing your #PhotoTakingPhoto!


Oh, I almost forgot. Today we ran up and down some hills. On Monday we’re meeting at MIT’s Sailing Pavilion. #WeekendEarned

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