November’s Children (SF)

Passerby: “Oh that all sounds great, I’ll look you guys up online…what did you say you’re called…November’s Children?”

This question, that is so innocent and harmless, gave me such an uncomfortable squeamish feeling that I laughed all the way home. My mind immediately went to such extremes, from the earliest of days of NP. Brogan and Bojan sitting in Bojan’s Allston home hovering over their excel spreadsheet in which Bojan turns to BG, “What should we title this workout?” Which Brogan proudly exclaims “November’s Children. BOOM.” Creepy.

My imagination took it to recruiting papers, #grassrootsgear, hearing BG scream “You children good?? FUCK YEAH.” So wrong.

Who knew the simple substitution of a word could elicit immediate montages of inappropriate NP material? Well, I did. Because I live in this brain ALL THE TIME. It’s exhausting.

You know what else was exhausting? Keeping the cars from hitting you today. AND that killer hill/stair workout the SF tribe completed this morning. You know how 90% of you rolled over and saw it drizzling so hit the snooze button? Well it didn’t rain at all. The whole workout. And aside from the injured crew that completed a deck in a pig pen, the strong and loyal crew who ran stairs #earnedtheirweekend dry and clean. So if you all could strap on those big boy pants and join us next week I WOULD REALLY FUCKING APPRECIATE IT.

Having FOMO? Come to THIS TOMORROW. That’s all for now. DSC_0024

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