PHL: The Party is Here

Friday = Run hills … Repeat.

We do however, like to mix it up here in the PHL, as running hills with no other strength training makes the tribe a core-less running machine. What’s wrong with being a running machine you ask? Not a damn thing, buuuuut, let’s be honest, now that sweater weather is here… we’re all paying a little less attention to our abs!! No problem, The Party is Here.

Let;s run hill repeats on the back hill! 1st lap gets you five leg throws. 2nd earns a 10 second plank. 3rd you’re going to add 5 more leg throws. AND 4th 10 more seconds on that plank. Counting each lap by 5 or 10 more of each core move. Yeah that lead to folks doing upwards of 35 leg throws and even 60 second planks (or more for our speediest of runners).

All in all, you all crushed it tribe! Yesterday was amazing!

We had 2 birthdays.. complete with a slowdance that was nothing short of “weird.” Julianne took home the Hard Hat and we look forward to her adventures in the upcoming week!  IMG_7997

Your weekend has begun, you earned it – get out there and make someone’s day! Hell make your own day – whatever you do, do it with a smile on your face and a spring in your step – oh and don’t forget to work those abs a little more (don’t just hide em under your sweater), its going to be super warm on Sunday!!

Peace & Love

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