Passionate, loud, happy even at 6am.


We got into the November Project much like most people in Kelowna: peer pressure from Roz.

I was working at Boomers, and Roz would come in to cheer on Grant. She kept mentioning that she was leading this thing called November Project Wednesday mornings and I should come.

The problem is, that I’m an EXTREME morning person. By 6:30 when it starts, I’m usually finished my morning run, and my morning workout. Not to mention I usually start my day job at 7 am. I figured it was one of those events that fell into the “awesome, but not great for my schedule” and kept ignoring Roz’s advances.

I haven’t mentioned yet, but my husband Morgan and I are runners. Not successful runners mind you – we usually trail the pack and are too busy chatting to care about things like winning or time. We run about ten half marathons a year, so you can imagine my surprise when along one of these races, we saw a November Project cheering station.


And what was even more impressive – Morgan was LOVING IT. He stopped talking to me, and went flying into the group, high fiving and screaming with the best of them. It just looked FUN.

Well, that was it for us. We had to go.

The next time I saw Roz, when she bugged me about showing up, I finally relented and asked her some details. That was the end for us.


What comes to mind when someone asks me about November Project?  Community.  I know.  That sounds kinda mushy.  But let me define community for you, by the November Project standard:

Passionate, loud, happy even at 6am, supportive, encouraging, laugh-out-loud funny, and easily the most welcoming group of individuals I’ve ever met

Who wants to get up at 6:29 am?  Nobody.  Or maybe that one weird friend (or my wife) you have but they are nuts and you only hang out with them occasionally.  I’m with you, getting up early is the worst.  If every day started at noon I’d be happier for it.  Now that you know who you’re talking to, I can tell you that I happily get out of bed to go to November Project every week.  I know right??  Think about that!


(There was and is nothing happy about waking my husband up at any hour of the day – let me just interject that).


I remember when my wife, Sarah, first encouraged me to try it out.  After I got past my complaining about an early start, I went to my thoughts about “boot camps” and group training.  I’d rather scoop cat litter.  My wife is quite persuasive. 


Our first time at November Project was a rainy morning on Knox Mountain. I was ready for loud cheering, teamwork, high fives and some form of exercise. In my head, it was like a boot camp with cheerleaders. What we got was a personal best day

What’s a personal best day on Knox you ask? Answer: not how you want to introduce yourself to November Project. We literally ran up the mountain, AS MANY TIMES AS WE COULD IN 45 MINUTES. Morgan asked me for a divorce about six times that morning. Luckily, we had to leave early to go to work. We vowed never to return.

But something weird happened. While running up and down Knox, Every. Single. Person. gave us a high five or words of encouragement. Everyone was smiling. Did I mention it was raining? EVERYONE WAS SMILING.

I don’t know what they put into the November Project juice, but even as I cursed Roz’s name, I knew that I wanted it. I wanted to be a piece of that happy, inspiring environment. So we have.


The workout you get from November Project is not easy, but it feels good even when it hurts.  You will be pushed to your limits, but only to the point of your own comfort level.  Go at your own pace if you want to.  With all the other incredible people around you, you’ll feel the need to push just a little bit more. 

When we finished our first workout together I was smiling – not because I could feel muscles in my legs I didn’t know I had, but because it was actually fun.  There’s always a game, a friendly competition, and a group of people who want to be there. 


We don’t go every week. Life is too busy for that. But we try to go most. And every time we arrive, we are hugged by so many strangers turned friends, and the high fives and glowing words of inspiration keep coming. Even when we walk. Even when it’s cold or raining. Even when we are grumpy.

It’s a safe place where everyone is welcome. Where it doesn’t matter if you are the best athlete. Where is only matters that you just show up.


And no, I’m not neurotic, it actually starts at 6:29.  Don’t be late!

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