Oxytocin Is In The Air

February is the month of love which means people around the world are producing oxytocin, aka the “cuddle hormone,” at higher levels than normal. Personally it just seems like any other month. That is probably due in large reason to the safe environment we create weekly at November Project which leads to trust, friendship, all the warm fuzzies, unicorns, and shitting rainbows. (Chloe Martin knows what I’m talking about.)

For those who are unfamiliar with my story, I was into running marathons before my journey into the world of November Project. I was not part of any run groups or have any friends that enjoyed running 18+ miles on the weekends. So for the most part I was on my own. The endorphins and dopamine of running races made me feel good, but it did not necessarily fulfill me.

Then I stumbled across a documentary about November Project and the acts of kindness I watched of these amazing unselfish people connected with me emotionally. I realize now what my body was doing was producing oxytocin. When a person does something nice for another person, their body releases oxytocin. Even watching another person doing something kind and generous will produce it.

So what else releases oxytocin? Well from my extensive research reading Snapple caps, I have concluded that sex, weddings, childbirth, breastfeeding, or simply eating dark chocolate will do the trick. Since most of the those things are frowned upon at a workout, we stick to high-fives, hugs, and human bonding which also creates the love potion.

We say that our workouts are free and that is because money does not work here. Strong human bonds can only be created through time and effort. A tribe member shows up to a freezing ice cold workout because they understand that other people are counting on them. It does not happen overnight or after coming to a couple workouts. This shit takes time to build! The unselfish giving of your time and energy with no expectation in return helps you become more generous. The more good you do, the more oxytocin you produce, the more you want to do!

This week I celebrate another year of life and I am so grateful for all the human bonds I’ve made through this movement. So make an old man happy by giving him some oxytocin and #justshowup this week.

Love- Dad 

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