Monday, Monday, Monday, must be a fun day, on a family day

A memorable Monday morning. We truly meant it when we bounced to Monday, Monday, Monday, must be fun day, on a family day… it was sung with enthusiasm. Family day morning adventures. A couple of notable mentions this morning. – Mountain climbers can be scaled- slow, fast, wide knees, double leg, and literally up a snow mountain – Post-race skating soreness (48 hour delayed-onset muscle soreness) is real – Family day can start as early as you want it to – When we say “go touch the monument” we really mean it – Thigh deep running through snow without snowshoes is quite a challenge – We don’t have weights but we sometimes have toddlers and young children on our backs and shoulders to increase the resistance (and the fun) – Would you rather offers a choice that can can truly provide you with a challenge-by choice. You keep hammering that same muscle group every time you go back to that station, or give yourself the full body workout with the variety – Somehow we always do it for the bagels – Somehow we always do it for the carbs – Kettlemans tends to be a place that always brings us together (whether we worked out or not…) – This family we have in November Project is a special one. We are grateful for each one of you.

Here’s to bringing soles together,

Lauren and Liz


1. WEDNESDAY at Supreme Court 6:30

2. FRIDAY SOCIAL 7PM Vimy Brewery Company if you have any board games feel free to bring them along with you.

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