Ooga-Chaka (YWG)

I can honestly say that I have never heard a more melodic, harmonious, and beautiful collection of angel voices coming together to produce a sweet lullaby than the luscious rendition of “Hooked on a Feeling” that the tribe produced during the pre-workout hype-bounce this morning… Who am I kidding, there’s no way I can say that honestly.  It was, however, a hauntingly wonderful moment to hear the monkey grunts of the tribe work together at ass-o-clock in the morning to unleash that audacious cover upon the world. The video shall be posted, and rejoiced forever…

In all seriousness, thanks for being so open to the random weirdness and welcoming both Tom and my inner-most inklings and strange ideas – it truly makes showing up every Wednesday a new adventure and we love you all ever so much for it.

RD Positivity Circle

Today’s post will be short and sweet, but I would certainly be remiss if I didn’t mention the Positivity Circle. This was a new idea for YWG (maybe all of NP? Not sure…) which involved the tribe forming a massive circle, dropping a squat (like its hot) and passing the Positivity Award from tribe member to beautiful tribe member, offering a compliment to their neighbor as they passed the sacred oar handle on. Once we made a full tour of the 101 tribe members who showed up today, we dropped the squat down in to a v-sit and passed it right back the other way.  As seems to be a recurring theme the last few weeks, these exercises are taking a lot longer than we ever imagined since the tribe has grown so huge, and by the end of both rounds my abs, legs, hell my entire body was shaking, and judging by the looks around the circle I was not alone.  Thanks for bringing the energy and Positivity today and every day, friends!


More than just giving away a Positivity Award today, I am super grateful for the opportunity to say thank you to today’s winner.  Yes indeed I might be biased, but I can say with a lot of certainty that the only reason Jaime has not won the Positivity Award before now is because she lives with me. She shows up every Wednesday morning despite a work schedule that usually starts at 7:30, she takes the time to make sure she hugs every new tribe member, she picks up the loose ends when Tom and I are busy yelling and screaming and smashing things during workouts, takes over as leader in moments between activities to make sure you all get a good dose of squats before doing more squats, and she rocks Grassroots Gear like its her day job.  In fact she didn’t even get angry at me when I tagged every blouse and dress in her wardrobe (she might not have noticed yet; shhhh don’t tell her). Thank you for putting up with the late Tuesday nights tagging shirts, listening to me talk about nothing other than November Project for hours on end, and most of all for being the wonderful, inspirational individual you are every day.

Cheese over.  Much love, Winnipeg.

Rick (and Tom sends his love from the backroads of France)

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