Suns Out Funs Out (PHL)

First off, this FRIDAY, JUNE 19th, we WILL NOT be at Lemon Hill.  Repeat we will NOT be at Lemon Hill.  We will be running our second #Sunrise6k at Lloyd Hall.  Meet at Boathouse Row and let’s see what kind of times we can throw down.

Back to this morning — the weather was warm, the Tribe swelled and smiles and hugs abounded.  While running the stairs, we tossed tennis balls containing workouts among one another.  While humidity and temperatures were high, the Tribe worked through harsh conditions and finished 45 minutes of running stairs and various workouts.  At the end of our workout we celebrated our good friend Ahmed’s birthday and departure for DC with a classic NP crowd surf.  Thanks for coming out, sweating and hugging strong.

AGAIN, Friday we are at LLOYD HALL 6:25 AM.  Spread it like butter.


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